Level 3 Skills Day - Wednesday 27th June 2018

It is a compulsory attendance event for all B1 and A1 students to attend all day with their teachers. All learners should be at College for 8:45am for an ice-breaker session.  More information can be found on the Student Portal.

Summer projects

All of our current first years have been set work to complete by 3rd August. The work set is designed to develop their independent research and thinking skills and will be utilised in the first week of teaching after the summer break. The work they undertake will also be assessed as part of Assessment 7, for those on the A level pathway and in one of the initial assignment’s for those following the Vocational pathway. As the students’ rush headlong towards their ‘next steps’, be this University, employment or apprenticeship, it will be important that they know they are achieving the grades they need for their chosen routs and importantly, developing the essential employability and study skills they will need. All of the projects are available on the parent portal so that you can see what work your son/daughter ought to be completing. Please offer some encouragement to get them done by the deadline.

University applications/personal statements

In addition to the summer projects, all students will be required to submit a draft personal statement on their return to College in August. All students have had workshops on how to go about this and if you attended the HE parents evening in march, the messages and materials from that event are also available under the HE tab for you to revisit. For those parents who missed this opportunity, we will have a similar follow up event in September. Details will be sent at the start of the new academic term. Even if your son/daughter is not intending to go to University they still must provide a personal statement. All job and apprenticeship applications also have this requirement. It is not unexpected for drafts to be done 6- 10 times to ensure the statement provided for the application of choice is high quality and professional, supporting their application fully. Please support the College by encouraging your son/daughter to work hard on this requirement.

Work Experience

At Bolton Sixth Form we aim to ensure all Year 1 students undertake work experience in their first year of study in support of their academic achievement. Work experience is a vital part of a young person’s learning experience.  It supports the academic skills they develop during their time at college and allows them to acquire skills that cannot be taught in the classroom, ensuring they are work ready when it comes to seeking employment.  It also aids them in choosing an industry and career path to move forward in, enabling them to make contacts in that industry they would otherwise not be exposed to.  ‘Real world’ experience can add considerable weight to a student’s CV, and for those applying to university, professional experience looks great on their UCAS personal statement.

A study by the City and Guilds vocational training unit shows that 80% of employers think work experience is essential and two thirds of employers would be more likely to hire a young person with work experience over someone without any.  It is the responsibility of the students to obtain a work placement we seek your support as theirs parents in helping your child  to secure a placement that will support their career plans and develop skills that they will benefit from in the future. Students must give 6 weeks’ notice of a placement and complete the Work Experience Application Form available from their Course Leader or Student Information. If you are in a position to provide an experience of work to any of our learners to get in touch via the email address workexp@bolton-sfc.ac.uk with any details. 

Parent Portal Absence Reporting

You can now report student absence via the Parent Portal until 10am for each day your son/daughter will be absent from College. Select ‘Report An Absence’ and complete the online form with the relevant details. You will receive an email confirming your request and then a further email informing you the request has been authorised. We will contact you if we have a query regarding your request. Please note the following -

  Doctor’s/dentist appointments should be made when a student does not have timetabled classes

  Absence needs to be reported for each day your son/daughter will not attend College

  Online reporting will be open from midnight to 10am. If you need to contact the College regarding an absence outside of these times then please telephone Student Information on 01204 846215

Report an Absence

Timetable Changes

Please be aware that timetables will change at the start of term (as they always do) so please make sure that you check regularly to ensure that you have up-to-date information on when and where your classes are happening.

GCSE, AS and A level educational reforms in England

The rapidly changing landscape of education and the new grading of GCSE is quite a complex one to get your head around. If you click on the link below it might help to answer questions that you have about A level and also that might be relevant if you have other children still in school

More Details...

Mental health and wellbeing

I am sure you are aware of the growing issues and awareness raising of mental health and wellbeing in the UK and especially amongst young people. As a parent, I also understand that having a lack of information and support makes managing these issues for your own family sometimes difficult. You may be aware that today there was the launch of a campaign by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge called   ‘headstoghether’ supported by frank and open videos by a range of celebrities. The web link can be found here. https://www.headstogether.org.uk/

In addition, the organisation has something called ‘youngminds’ offering support  and information. They also have information and a support line. You can find that information here. http://www.youngminds.org.uk/contact

Safeguarding including Prevent

As you know, safeguarding our young people and ensuring that we discharge our statutory duties is really important to us. We also provide a wide range of wrap around care, advice and guidance on a whole range of related issues throughout the year. If you are not aware, the PREVENT agenda is part of safeguarding and in December we had a British Values/Prevent day. As part of that day we practiced our Lockdown Procedure or Invacuation of the campus. Whilst students are very used to evacuating for fire, they have less exposure to the idea of Invacuating for certain circumstances when an evacuation could put more people in danger. Whilst the likelihood of such an event is very rare, even in a country like ours which remains on the alert of ‘severe’, we need to be prepared. We will be holding a further Invacuation drill before we break for Easter.

Attendance and Punctuality

I am sure that you would agree as your sons and daughters become young adults that punctuality and attendance at College should be paramount. Lack of attendance means lost learning and makes fulfilling their potential more difficult. Whilst we have a system in place for students to repay lost time, this is no substitute to being in the class when the material is taught. Please support us in ensuring early buses are caught and that attendance is excellent.